Principal's Message

​​​​​​​To Our Families of Pike Lake Elementary,

More often than not, relationships with students make or break their experience in a classroom.  Some experts say that without a student/teacher relationship, the student may learn and retain things about the subject matter but their recollection of the overall experience is minimized.  On the contrary, good rapport fosters learning, encourages genuine interactions, establishes trust, thus creating a healthy environment where learning is a priority for all. One of our many goals at Pike Lake is to ensure that every student feels connected to someone in this building.  No one is invisible. The seemingly small encounters that every adult facilitates affirms the power of positive relationships and why educators are intentional about building them. On any given day and in any given classroom, I get to observe the wonderful work of amazing teachers who understand the value of building relationships.  More importantly, students transcend as they begin to understand concepts like motivation and resilience because they feel encouraged and safe. As educators, we are fallible, imperfect, and mortal, yet we have the awesome privilege of teaching your children. Thank you.

Great News for our kids, Forest Friday is back in the calendar again this year. We’re also delighted that we’ll be continuing our collaboration with UMD’s Environmental Education Department and their graduate students to further develop a curriculum around phenology - the study of the times of the season for recurring natural phenomena. You’ll hear more about this progress along with Forest Fridays throughout the year.

In closing, please know that my door is always open. I welcome your conversation and positive input throughout the year. Pike Lake Elementary remains a great place to educate your child.  We are all honored to work in this incredible place.


Mark Hughes